Anti-CAA Protest


A silkscreened set of tote bags for protestors against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India to carry in demonstrations.

In 2019, Indians turned out to protest the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a piece of legislation which the Indian government argued will make it easier for people from “persecuted minorities” in the country to obtain Indian citizenship. Protestors argued that this bill, which provides a path to citizenship to only non-Muslim religions, discriminates against Muslims. Consequently, millions of Muslims residing within India’s borders are vulnerable to detention and deportation.

As I also strongly oppose this legislation, I decided to make a visual system of 8 marks that represent important topics being discussed in this protest - fascism, oppression, freedom, revolution, protest, statelessness, democracy, and discrimination. I then silkscreened these symbols onto tote bags. One side of a tote bag has a single symbol, while the opposite side has a line from a poem written by the Political Indian inker – Varun Grover. I designed these bags for protestors to use – they can carry items they need during the protest, and the bags reflect the message of the protestors.


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