Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a product designer with expertise in motion and 3D design, crafting interactive digital experiences.

Explore my work below.

Verizon Visa® Card

Crafted a gamified online user experience for cash back redemption

Verizon Smartwatch Userflow 

Designed smartwatch activation and sales paths on Verizon platforms


Redesigned website for a venture capital firm to target Gen Z customers


Designed app interface for a startup on social media disinformation

Verizon Prepaid Plans Animated a marketing video highlighting Verizon’s prepaid plans

Affordable Housing Hub
Designed online dashboard for an affordable housing organization


Developed a tool to compare healthcare providers' virtual care usage

Tender buttons

Animated video based on Gertrude Stein’s poetry (personal project)

Other projects

Mixed Reality (AR/VR), print, publication and branding projects


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