Boston University Art Galleries (BUAG) Branding


As a thought experiment, I designed the visual identity of Boston University Art Galleries (BUAG). BUAG includes two art galleries - The Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery and the 808 Gallery. These spaces are much more than exhibition venues. They are a space for making art, for experimenting and taking risks, for supporting communities to gather and grow, and for intellectual exchange and learning. Hence, I created a dynamic identity: the typography of “BUAG” stretches to form a frame in the shape of each gallery. This frame showcases the art that is on exhibit, thus mirroring the function that BUAG provides — a platform for students and contemporary artists to showcase their work.

Boston University connects artists and provides them a platform to showcase their work through it’s Art Galleries. The exhibitions at BUAG change throughout the year, it is always changing, forever evolving. This is represented by the lines connecting BU and AG in the logo. The forms of the platform created are the shapes of the galleries too, hence incoorporting the actual shape of the platform.


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