Exit The King


Exit the King, written by Eugène Ionesco, and directed by Clay Hopper is an absurdist exploration of ego and mortality set in the crumbling throne room of the palace in an unnamed country where King Berenger the First has only the duration of the play to live. In this theatre drama, Chen Luo and I were tasked to visualize and execute the graphics on the screens and floor of the set. These visualizations started off as representing architectural elements in the play. But as the play progresses these dynamic elements morphed and changed to embody the psychology of the characters, especially the King.

Behind this theatrical project was also a technical one, driven by visiting artist Paolo Scoppola. Paolo created the Random Act software that generated interactive graphics that changed on the basis of the input/acting of the actors. We provided him technical support and overlapped our work to create surreal experiences for the audience.   

Artistic Team
Director - Clay Hopper
Scenic Designer - Alyssa Jewell
Costume Designer - Danielle Bazan
Lighting Designer - Max Wallace
Interactive Projection Design - Paolo Scoppola
Graphic Designers - Chen Lou & Arjun Kumar
Sound Designer - Will Tinsley
Technical Director - Lawren Gregory
Stage Manager - Katrina Ali
Production Manager - Eric Sprosty

Guard - Charlie Berger
King - Declan Schliesmann
Marguerite - Charlotte Peartree Moon
Juliette - Rachel Harris
Marie - Lola Kennedy
Doctor - Michael Ticknor


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